Paph. kolopakingii and the hybrids
(NO. 2)

The other hybrids


Paph. Bel Royal
( kolopakingii x rothschildianum )

Paph. Bel Royal
( kolopakingii x rothschildianum )

Paph. Kolosand
( kolopakingii x sanderianum )

Paph. Wosner Kolobarb
( kolopakingii x barbatum )

Paph. Kololaw
( kolopakingii x lawrenceanum )

Paph. Wosner Kolosuk
( kolopakingii x sukhakulii )

Paph. Kolohennis
( kolopakingii x hennisianum )

Paph. Temptation
( kolopakingii x philippinense )

Paph. Unregistered
( kolopakingii x chamberainianum )

Novelties of Paph. kolopakingii

Paph. Unregistered
( kolopakingii x Bengal Lancers )

Paph. Julius Kolbe
( kolopakingii x Julius )

Paph. Unregistered
( kolopakingii x Berenice )

Mrs. Sabine Krauss & Mr. Thomas Fourman introduced this photo for us. This hybrid's name has been registered by Mr. Thomas Fourman and the registered name is her own. It is so nice. Also it is very rare hybrid. Have you ever seen the flower ?

( Photo by Mr. Thomas Fourman j


Paph. Sabine Krauss
( kolopakingii X liemianum )

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