Paph. kolopakingii and the hybrids

@You know Paph. kolopakingii is one of the most biggest Paphiopedilum species and so many hobbyists are growing after it's discovery. But in Japan, we have not so many various kinds of their hybrids although we are very interested in the. Because we keep them at a distance for their huge plants' size. As for me, I want to see them as the results of breeding of one of Polyantha but we have no chance to see them at the same chance.
@Now we have many Photos of hybrids using Paph. kolopakingii as one of parents. So we can understand the results. Please see and image the results comparing the results for other Polyantha. These photos were sent by Mr. Olaf Gruss who is a nice orchid's friend in Germany kindly. I want to express my gratitude from the bottom of heart.

Paph. kolopakingii

Paph. kolopakingii

Paph. kolopakingii

The opening flower of Paph. kolopakingii

The staminode of Paph. kolopakingii

The primary hybrids using Paph. kolopakingii

Paphiopedilum kolopakingii
X Paph. adductum = Paph. Duke of Earl /S. OHLUND (R. RANDS) 1999
X Paph. armeniacum = Paph. Wosner Kolarmi /Franz GLANZ 1997
X Paph. barbatum = Paph. Wosner Kolobarb /Franz GLANZ 2000
X Paph. boxallii = Paph. Lawless Thannhuser /G. LAWLESS (ORCHID HOUSE) 2000
X Paph. bullenianum = Paph. Lawless Rienzi /G. LAWLESS (ORCHID HOUSE) 2000
X Paph. dayanum = Paph. Lawless Fidelio /G. LAWLESS (ORCHID HOUSE) 2000
X Paph. delenatii = Paph. Doctor Toot /Tim ANDERSON(R.J. RANDS) 1996
X Paph. glanduliferum = Paph. Hayabusa /A. MOCHIZUKI 1998
X Paph. glaucophyllum = Paph. Lawless Tristan /G. LAWLESS (ORCHID HOUSE) 2000
X Paph. godefroyae = Paph. Kologod /Franz GLANZ 1999
X Paph. haynaldianum = Paph. Puppentanz /H.DOLL 1995
X Paph. hennisianum = Paph. Kolohennis /Franz GLANZ 1999
X Paph. lawrenceanum = Paph. Kololaw /Franz GLANZ 1999
X Paph. liemianum = Paph. Sabine Krauss /T. FOURMAN (O/U) 1999
X Paph. lowii = Paph. Alex's Spot /S. OHLUND (R. RANDS) 2000 ?
X Paph. malipoense = Paph. Howard Frank /FOX VALLEY (T. KALINA) 1997
X Paph. micranthum = Paph. Wosner Kolomic Franz GLANZ 1996
X Paph. niveum = Paph. Wosner Koloniv /Franz GLANZ 1999
X Paph. philippinense = Paph. Temptation /O.VIENGKHOU 1994
X Paph. primulinum = Paph. Jugen Rth /Olaf GRUSS 1996
X Paph. rothschildianum = Paph. Bel Royal /E.YOUNG O.F. 1996
X Paph. sanderianum = Paph. Kolosand /H. CONGLETON (R. RANDS) 1998
X Paph. stonei = Paph. Mem. Albert Eickhoff /D. EICKHOFF 1997
X Paph. sukhakulii = Paph. Wosner Kolosuk /Franz GLANZ 1997
X Paph. superbiens = Paph. Loki Booth /D. & N. BOOTH (R.J. RANDS) 1999
X Paph. victoria-mariae = Paph. Marylin Hart Reed /W. SIEBERTHAK (MARRIOTT O.) 1996

The hybrids of Paph. kolopakingii using Parvisepalum and Brachypetalum as a counter parents.

Paph. Wosner Kolarmi
( kolopakingii x armeniacum )

Paph. Howard Frank
( kolopakingii x malipoense )

Paph. Wosner Kolomic
( kolopakingii x micranthum )

Paph. Wosner Koloniv
( kolopakingii x niveum )

Paph. Doctor Toot
( kolopakingii x delenatii )

Paph. Unregistered
( kolopakingii x concolor )

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