Why? ..... Paphiopedilums secrete Sugars on their pouches.

 Recently, Mr. Alessandro Valenza who live in Italy supplied very interesting information. He grows and enjoys Paphiopedilums. He found crystals of Sugar on their pouches of Paph. saderianum and their hybrids and took photos. The information of Sugar exudates on Paphs' flower was introduced in News,News,News on my site. already. The information was supplied by Mr. Uri Baruk in France. In this report, some of Paph. species like Paph. rothschildianum or adductum exude sugar and this report was the article by him in Orchid Review.

 After this report, the information by Mr. Mr. Alessandro Valenza was very easy to recognize. Now, this information will be introduced bellow.

I have read a lot of time about the pollination of Paph. sanderianum but I never seen photos about the sugar exudation that in theory attracts insects.In this last 3 months I had a good flowerings about Paph.sanderianum and some of their hybrids(P.Kolosand
and P. Screaming Eagle) and I have took some photos of the exudations.In P.Kolosand ,the exudation was great and a strong honey scent was produced. In P.sanderianum and P.Screaming Eagle the exudation was not so much and the scent nearly imperceptible. I have found some ants on the flowers (here is winter and so usually no ants are around),and when the flowers had gone the ants disappeared.
I hope you will enjoy the photos.
Thanks and good Paphs to everyone!!!
Alessandro Valenza

Paph. Kolosand

Paph. Screaming Eagle

Crystallized sugar on pouch of Paph. Kolosand. It has a strong honey scent.

Sugar on pouch of Paph. Kolosand.

The pouch of Paph. sanderianum

Crystallized sugar on pouch of Paph. sanderianum is not so much.

Sugar on pouch of Paph. Screaming Eagle is glittering like stars

All Photos by Alessandro Valenza

 What do you think about? Why they exude sugars on their pouch? Sugar will attract insects like ants? All of Paphiopedilum have the similar possibilities? Please send your experiences or thinking bout these phenomenon. If you have photos, please send them. I'll introduce some of them on this site. I'm looking forward to having your information.
Thank you.
Toshinori Tanaka
e mail: tanatosh@jichi.ac.jp

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Mr. Sakate(Gifu-Ken Japan)050319
Last year, I have visited in Thailand, south area to see the native area of Paph. leucochillum where I found honey of Paphs. I saw flowers of Paph. exul when I visited. The color is pale yellow and sparkling gold. It smelled a little bit but is good taste.The person who sale the hone came from Laos , I hard. I surprised it is much more expensive that other honey. ( Pap's honey...., I want to try... Toshi Tanaka )

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