Why? ..... Paphiopedilums secrete Sugars on their pouches.

Some idea or advice from you
Mr. SakateiGifu-Ken Japanj050319
Last year, I have visited in Thailand, south area to see the native area of Paph. leucochillum where I found honey of Paphs. I saw flowers of Paph. exul when I visited. The color is pale yellow and sparkling gold. It smelled a little bit but is good taste.The person who sale the hone came from Laos , I hard. I surprised it is much more expensive that other honey. ( Pap's honey...., I want to try... Toshi Tanaka )

@Do you know honey of Paphs in Thailand ?050331

Mr. Sakate who supplied me the information about Paph's honey, sent a bottle of honey that a small amount was left at the bottom for me. Thank you Mr. Sakate.

At once, I tried to taste....... Yes, it is very interesting that I have never experienced. As I eat yoghurt everyday for over 20 years, I familiar with honey so much. From my experience, I have never experienced like this. It looks very soft and interesting taste that is not unpleasant. It is very good!

@So, I have sent e mail to a friend of mine in Thailand asked him to check this honey with photos as above. He replied at once and said.


The label in Thailand says it is " Fish Sauce- Samurai brand " and not honey .
I have checked with some people around and they have heard that there is
a honey made from Paphs. Must be very interesting to know that Paph exul can
be used to produce honey. There must be special bees that are attracted to
exul flowers to produce special Paph's honey.
I will check further as i will be going to Krabi( home of Paph
exul) in the south of Thailand.


When I received the information further, I'll let you know.

To the concerned!
Please send any information about Paph's honey around you. You may advertise the honey on this site.

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