New Hybrids from Taiwan
Incharm Orchids

@Many new Paph hybrids' photos were supplied from Mr. Yuan-Chuan Hsiao ( In-Charm Orchid, Taiwan ) who is a owner of Incharm Orchids and is known as one one of the best breeder in Taiwan. Now it might not be easy to have his breeding in Japan but we will be easy to have his good seedlings in near future. About him, I have introduced already in Orchid Friends around the world in my site.@
Recently, Incharm Orchids built up their own web site in Taiwanese. And it will take for a while to make web site in English. But it must be interested in and please visit the site.

(godefroyae x ang-thong) album

delenatii f. album 'In-Charm'

godefroyae f. album 'Daya'

S.Gratrix x vietnamense

Sommerwind (St. Swithin x micranthum)

Ho Chi Minh

(Lady Isabel x armeniacum)

(stonei album x ang-thong alba).jpg

(Susan Booth x vietnamense)

Gods Lady '4 flowers'

Dollgoldi 'Daya' SM/TPS awarded recently

(Prince Edward of Yorkx Jerry Spence)

(Genevieve Booth x sanderianum)

St. Low x Susan Booth

In-Charm Lady 'Strike' BM

St. Swithin x Jerry Spence.

(Prince Edward of York x St. Swithin) 'Hsiao'

(La Honda x Makuli)

In-Charm Pearl-3

In-Charm Pearl'Purity-1'

In-Charm Pearl '#5'

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