NO.31  Mr. Yuan-Chuan Hsiao  ( Taiwan )      000814

Mr. Yuan-Chuan Hsiao ( In-Charm Orchid, Taiwan )  
Address: No 23, Chung Shan 6th Lane, Chiao Chou,
Ping Tong, Taiwan. 920
TEL: +886-8-7887798, +886-932977378,
Fax: +886-8-7804675

I am professional in Paph growing. I hybridize and sow the seed by myself. Now I grow Paph more than 150000 plants, in more than 200 kinds and produce more than 5000 flasks per year. I have two nurseries, one in Ping Tongin, the south of Taiwan. The other is at mountain area in the middle of Taiwan . The total area is more than 5000 meter square. I prefer crosses of Pervisepalum very much and I'm making them. My main focus on Paph. is to extend its market more popular, not only limited to hobbyist market. Since they have the character of flowering for longtime, having various color and form, and easy to grow. I have reason to believe that it will be able be acceptable generally . But, It should be more in quantity and less in price first. How do you think ? In recent years, I look for good clones for parentage and research the method for high rate of germination and have gotten some process. That is why I make so many flask and culture so many plants. I'll introduce some of my collection here.

Gloria Naugle

This is one of my favorite type of Paph. This clone is made by myself. Do you believe? It took only three years for flowering from out of flask.

In-Charm Doll ' In-Charm ' ( philippinense x conco-bellatulum )

I registered this name. one of this cross had gain AM award of AOS. This flower is similar to that one.

malioense ' In-Charm '


lecochilum ' In-Charm '
Its NS reach to 10cm in this spring.
spicerianum ' Super '
This clone is selected from 'St. Alban' self cross that made by me. And gain SM award of Taiwan Paph Society (TPS). Good form and huge. NS: 9.0 x 8.8cm, DW: 5.8 x 5.0cm.

sanderianum ' In-Charm '

White Knight ' In-Charm '

Lebeau ' Hsiao '

This clone had gain AM award of AOS in 4/9/1999. Good form and flate. DW is 6.3cm, 4 flowers per spike.

In-Charm First ' In-Charm '

This is bellatulum cross with Starr Warr and isfirst bleeding that I made and register the name.

( White Knight x ang-thong )
It is made by me too. There are already some good clone flowered. This clone is easy for breed. I had used it cross with Lebeau, bellatulum album, conco-bellatulum, and vinicolor as fathertage, and
all have gemmated, In flask now.


emersonii ' Flora '

fanaticum ' In-Charm '

bellatulum ' Tracy '

godefroyae ' In-Charm '

Greyi ' In-Charm '

druyi ' In-Charm '

mastersianum ' In-Charm '
The (Susan Booth x bellatulum) is bred by my self 5 years ago. The first bloom was 2 years after out of flask. This one should be the best, dark color, bright and waxy. It should be grain awards someday. Maybe next year, I think.

( Susan Booth x bellatulum )
' In-Charm '

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