The newest RHS information
 The newest information from RHS will be released here. I beg your pardon almost of all information will be about Paphs.

The fee for Orchid hybrid registration will be changed.
The fee for Orchid hybrid registration
increase from the present 」7.50 to 」10.00 from 1st January 2010.
The last price increase was June 1990. Anyone with hybrids to register is encouraged to send in their applications before December 2009 to be sure to take advantage of the current rate.

Registration form by Japanese (CLICK)
The registration of new Grex by Japanese is available now. The form is able to down road from this site. Japanese only.
E mail address of Miss Yoko Otsuki has changed

The new Grex of Paphs
The newly registered Grexs of Paphiopedilums which were supplied from APOR(Advisory Panel on Orchid Registration).
The news about Paphiopedilum
APOR revise or alter about orchid classification etc whenever it is necessary. But it will be very difficult to know what have changed for general orchid's hobbyists. So, the information about Paphs will be introduced here by the cooperation of Mr. Julian Show who is a registerer and a secretary of APOR.
How to search the hybrid's information from RHS website 
We can search the information of orchid's hybrids that were registered from RHS official website. But some who don't read English well or who don't like using PC will not be able to have profits form them.

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