Date : The days 29~30, October, 2005
Place : Centre Civic Ateneu Fort Pienc


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In this show they were found gathered multitude of varieties of orchids that originate of all the tropical zones of the world. Also they will be presents the Orchids of Catalunya, represented in photographs.

This year Alfredo Riboni with fantastic hybrid and botanical species of insurmountable quality collaborates with us the Italian company/signature. Also the Italian company/signature Nardotto and Capello collaborates in this sample. By I complete, the French nurseryman, Joel Jacq, will have the honor to close the list of this year with his you magnify Orchids. In addition to his stands of collection, will bring a good one I number of their better hybrids and botanical species for their sale.

If you desire it, in the orchid show they will be able to be informed and guided by some of the members of l' Associaci— Catalana d'Amics de les Orqu’dies, ( A.C.A.O ), that gladly they accompanied you in a traveled through by the charming world of the orchids.

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