International Orchid Shows Coming Soon.
( in JAPAN )

  On this web site, I want to introduce various orchid show that will be held in near future around the the world. Would you send the information about the international orchid show .  I'm looking forward to having your contribution.


Japan Grand Prix 2015 in Tokyo Dome 151222
 In 2015, this show will be held from the the 22nd. in Feb. in Tokyo Dome. We have the opening ceremony and the preview party in the evening,13rd. and the limited person concerned to the show will be able to attend. Anyone who want to take part the party, please contact to me as fast as possible. I'll try to help you as much as possible.

NOTE: Japan Paphiopedilum Association (JPA) will held the meeting in the 15th(Sun), Feb. When you visit JGP 2015, please atend the meeting too. Comntact to Dr. T. Tanaka.

The 108th Paphiopedilum Asociation meeting in Tokyo
Date: The15th(Sun) , Feb. in 2015
Place: Sience Museum in Kitanomaru Park

This meeting will be held in JGP period above. Please visit us when you come to JGP. Contact to Dr. Tanaka (

I wish to the attendance. If possible, would you donate some small amout of confectionery like cookies, candies or chocolate....? In this meeting, we want to enjoy the confectionery from each countries around the world or local areas in Japan with flowers and with many Paph friends. Can you do that?
Thank you.

Orchid Festival 2015 in HAWAIANS150126 

Date:2015年11月26th(Thu)〜29th(Sun), Dec. 2015
Place:Spa-resort Hawaians
    50 Warabidaira, Jyoban Fujiwara-Machi, Iwaki-Shi, Fukushima-Ken
Contact to Mr. Wakamatsu, Spa-resort Hawaians, Division of Event planning

World Orchids 2015 in Romantic Village
Date: 14th ~ 17th, May. 2015
Place: Flower Dome, Romantic Village, Tochgi-Ken
Entrance Fee: 300 yen
Contents:Judging, Exhibition and Contest of orchids, Photograph of orchids, Orchid tour, lectures for orchid species or growing orchid, Paphiopedilum saloon by JPA open to public etc.
International Vendors(a plan): In-Charm Orchids(Taiwan), Popow Orchids(Germany),
Katai Orchids(Thailand)、Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology Ltd.(China),
Contact: Toshinori Tanaka
   e mail:

Invitation of orchid sellers around the world for World Orchid 2005 in Utsunomiya Romantic Village

World Orchid 2015 will be held in Japan, Utsunomiya from 14 to 17, May 2015. We welcome orchid sellers around the world who visit us and sell your orchids. In detail, please contact me, Dr. Tanaka.

Paphiopedilum Salon in Romantic village150126 

The 110th Paphiopedilum Salon
Date: The 26th(Sun), April in 2015
Place: Romantic Village, Tochigi-Ken 

The 111th Paphiopedilum Salon
Date: The 17th(Sun), May. in 2015
Place: Romantic Village, Tochigi-Ken


Paphiopedilum meeting in Tokyo 151222 

The 106th Paph meeting in Tokyo
Date: The 21th(Sun) , Dec. in 2015
Place: Sience-technology building 6F, Kitanomaru-Park,Tokyo 

Orchid Show in Tsukuba Botanical Garden (In detail) 051012
Date : The 30th (Sun), Oct. ~ the 3rd(Sun), Nov. 2005
Place : The Natioal Science Museum, Tsukuba Botanical Garden
〒305-0006 4-1-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba-Shi, Ibarak-Ken
TEL +81-29-851-5159

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