International Orchid Shows Coming Soon.
( in Europe )

  On this web site, I want to introduce various orchid show that will be held in near future around the the world. Would you send the information about the international orchid show .  I'm looking forward to having your contribution.


( In detail )

Date : 29 & 30,October,2005
Place : Centre Civic Ateneu Fort Pienc


The 1st Paph. insigne show
The Paph. insigne show hve started tin the 5th, Dec. and it's being a great sucess. 

Date : the 5,6,7,8th December 2004, 11h to 14h.
Free entrance.
Place: Pati dels convents del s caputxins,
Town: Arenys de Mar, Barcelona, Spain.
Sponsor: the Associacio Catalana d'Amics de les Orquidies of Barcelona

I was born in Arenys de Mar, a town where thousands of paph. insignes are grown by neighbours as garden plant.
We call people to bring their plants to same place all at once. All town is collaborating bringing plants.Thousands of well grown insignes in f ull bloom are waiting you.

Contact to :
"Josep Maria Puig Verdura" <>


The Monte Porzio Show 030325
Date: 24~27, April in 2003
Place: Monte Porzio Catone (Rome, Italy)
This year at show the major nurseries that come will be:
- Akerne Orchids (belgium)
- Ecuagenera (ecuador)
- Elsner Orchideen (de)
- Riboni Orchidee (it)
- Flower's House (it)
- Green Flora (it)
- Nardotto & Capello (it)
- Franco Bianco's Rareorchids (it)
- Orchideen Frentzel (de)
- Orchideen Wubben (nl)
- Neuhaus orchideen (de)
- Tonn orchideen (de)
- Pozzi orchidee (it)
- Rollke orchideenzucht (de)
- Orchis floriculturing (tw)
- Taida Horticultural (tw)
- Thai Orchids Co. (th)
- Water orchids (tw)

Orchidee in Centro 020311
by A.L.O. (Associazione Laziale Orchidee)
Date: 12 ~ 14, April in 2001
Place: Monte Porzio Catone (Rome, Italy)

This show is now at its 7th edition. Past year it increased the number of exhibitors, and during the last editions about 50,000 people visited the show, reaching Monte Porzio both from the near Rome and from any italian region. In past years many local and international nurseries and several italian associations displayed their orchids each in its own showroom, all situated in the historical center of the town. The principal orchid nurseries are Orchideria di Morosolo, Riboni, AEFFE Orchidee and OrchideeRare from Italy; Tonn, Rollke, Frenzel and Neuhaus from Germany; Wubben from Netherland; TOC Thai Orchids Company from Thailand; Ecuagenera from Ecuador; plus others nurseries, various artist, photografers, societies.
For information contact:
Mr. Gianni Ferretti
Via di Frascati 32/D
00040 Monte Porzio Catone (Rome)
Tel. (+39) 06 9448371 or (+39) 0347 3794281


030125 (in detail,in French)
Host: Facult des Sciences Pharmaceutiques
Date : 24th ~ 26th,Jan. in 2003
Place: Hall d禀onneur de la Facult de Pharmacie , 4, Avenue de l祕bservatoire - PARIS VI
Fee:5 Euros

The 18th WOC in 2005
Date: The 10th ~ 20th, March, 2005
Place : Dijon, France

England Orchid Society Great Britain - 50th
Date: From 17 to18, March, 2001
Place: anniversary New Hall, Westminster, London


Dresdner Orchideenwelt030325
Date: From 03~06, April 2003
Place: Messe Dresden, Auskunft: D.O.G. Zentrale

Intrnational Orchid Show

Hosted by Orchideenfreunde Koblenz-Mittelrhein e. V.
Date: From 21~23, March. 2003
Place : Royal Castle Koblenz
And Annual Members Meeting and Conference of
Vereinigung Deutscher Orchideenfreunde (VDOF) e. V.
March 22, 2003, starting at 11 hrs, in the castle's rooms
Lecture : by Dr. G Cnter Gerlach, Botanical Garden Munich, on Orchids in Venezuela & by Mr. Bert Klein, Botanical Garden Munich.
The Czech Republic
( In detail )
The orchids on butterflies 2001
and symposium Interorchid 2001

Date: From the 16th. March to the 4th. April, 2001


Mergelland 2000 The International Orchid show

Date : From the 11th. to the 13th, February, 2000.
Europatuin TAN Vaesrade 100 Nuth , Netherland


The 12th. European Orchid Congress

Date : From the 6th. to th 9th., April, 2000.
Copenhagen, Denmark


The Annual New Year Orchid Show010104

Date: From 19 to 21 of January 2001
Place:in the Botanical Garden in Lodz City,
Retkinskiej Street 39.
'Orchids in flower arrangements' (by Mrs.Stanislawa
Korszun), 'In-vitro propagation of orchids' ( Mrs.Krystyna
Kukulczanka),'Orchids for everyone - practical advices how to grow orchids(Mr.Krzysztof Ubysz)'Wild Polish orchids' (Mr. Leszek Kaメuzynski ), 'Progrees in cultivation of Phalaenopsis ( Mr. Jerzy Kopias), 'Orchids for everyone - practical advices how to grow orchids (Mr.Krzysztof Ubysz)

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