The 2nd Joint Meeting in Thailand


In March, 2013, Paphiopedilum Sosieties of 3 countries, Taiwan Paphiopedilum Society (TPS), Paphiopedilum Club of Thailand (TCP) and Japan Paphiopedilum Society (JPA) were gathered together in TIOS 2013 and held the signing ceremony of sister societies. After that time, we agreed to exchange each members and information, and held a joint meeting in the respective countries once every year. The 2nd joint meeting was held in Thailand.

The 2nd Joint Paph Meeting was held at the Metropolitan Water works Authority in Bangkok in the 30th. May 2014.  The sign of the orchid show.
When we arrived at the hole, many members in Thailand began to gather. The Paph friends from Taiwan visited with us.
 So many Paphiopedilum were brought one after another. 
 We know Paph leucochilum was typified in Thailand. But they have nice quality of other species. Of course, goog hybrids too.
Good quality of  Paph. callosum .  This ia high quality of Paph. superbiens also.
 Paph. barbatum is so good too.  Paph. gigantefolium looks vigorous with very good flowers.
Paph. supardii Paph.rungsuriyanum was discovered in Laos and described one week before. I saw this at the first time. It is very lovely and attractive flower.
 Good color and shape ....a tempting flower.  
 Now is not the brooming season. But many flowers of Paph. thaianum were exhibited.  This is good flower. They told that it was not enough quality comparing with ones in season.。
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