The 2nd Joint Meeting in Thailand (NO.2)


In the hall, the judging was bigan. Dependent on Subgenus, several categories for judge was prepared. There were 5 categories in Paphiopedilum godefroyae var. leucocjilum dependent on size or color because so many high quality of floweres were exhibited.

 Paph. godefroyae It looks small but good shape and quality.
I'll introduce some nice Paph. leucochilum selected from Paph. godefroyae var. leucochilum
exhibited on show table.
This flower won the blue ribbon and the best
Paphiopedilum in this show.
 When they were lined up... Spectacle of wonderful flowers was very magnificent. Paph. leucochium was
judged in 5 categories because they were numerous.
These flowers were in category of darker color of Paph. leucochilum.
I judged in Paph. leucochilum with these 5 members
from Taiwan and other countries.
We argued eagerly and seriously
The viewpoint for judging was almost similar with them, so we advanced smoothly.
The winning flower is  in this part? The blue ribbon is the first quality in each category.
This flower looks in the trend in Thailand.They are darker color with the mesh design. A tinge of red is
strong in the color.
 Paph. godefroyae that winned white ribbon.  Paph. godefroyae var. leucochium frma album
   Other groups judged in other categories.
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