The 1st Joint Meeting in Taiwan


In March, 2013, Paphiopedilum Sosieties of 3 countries, Taiwan Paphiopedilum Society (TPS), Paphiopedilum Club of Thailand (TCP) and Japan Paphiopedilum Society (JPA) were gathered together in TIOS 2013 and held the signing ceremony of sister societies. After that time, we agreed to exchange each members and information, and held a joint meeting in the respective countries once every year. The 1st joint meeting was held here in Taiwan.

 Here was the opening ceremony area of TIOS 2013
. Our ceremony was held in the same area. They
prepared the banner for us.
 I(Japan, left)、Mr. Chen Chen Chung(Taiwan,
center) & Mr. ****(Thailand, right)
 The greeting by Mr. Chen Chen Chung, the president of Tawan Paphiopedilum Society. 
Paphiopedilum lovers from 3 countries for the signing ceremony of sister societies. 
 The welcome Party suported by Taiwan Paphiopedilum Society. 
 Many friends from Singapore and Australis too.  
 Mr. Alexej Popow from Germany.  Mr. Olaf gruss fron Germany too.
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