The 1st Joint Meeting in Taiwan iNO.2j


In TIOS, The signing ceremony of 3 countries' Sister Societies was held as one of event of TIOS. After finshed the ceremony, we visited several nurseries of Paphiopedilum specialists in growing and breeding.

We visited nurseries of Paphiopedilum specialists  Paph friends from Thailand and ’£ŽdŒ«i—–Œj–Vj
(left back) whose nursery we were going to.
 At the first, we visited —–Œj–V.  So many Paph. leucochilum
 We visited In-CharmOrchid that was well known in Japan. 
   Tea Party was begun. Ever bady like chinese tea.
 Paph.(In-Charm Trix x ang-thong)  Paph. In-Charm Boulder 'Hsiao' BM/TPS
 We knew this nursery, Hung Sheng Orchids Farm as Bear Orchids which was well known in Japan. 
Paph. exul that was loved around south asia  Paph. vietnamense was full brooming
 The first flowering of Paph. malipoense that was
 Mr. Olaf Gruss (left) Bear-San visits Japan often.
   Paph. Ma Bell
 Dinner party suported by Bear-San  
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