Orchid Show in New York

1) Greater New York Orchid Show
The beautiful memories in my life

  I was in New York , Manhattan in1984 and 1985. I was undertaking research at Mt. Sinai Medical School. As you know, Manhattan is in the heart of one of the biggest cities in the world but life without friends is lonesome, just like living in Tokyo. Fortunately, I had a lot of orchid friends in and around Manhattan. They have helped me to enjoy my time there I want to say 'Thank you so much ' . I was so happy to enjoy their monthly meetings, shows and private parties with orchid friends.    Someday, I want to repay an obligation for their kindness. On this site, I'll introduce you the orchid show in New York, I can not forget the same show that I visited 15 years before. So, I'll introduce the show that might be so old in my anniversary. I'm so happy to hear they continue to have the show every year and remember my friends each time.

a) My memorial 85' ( bellow )

b) The Greater New York Orchid Show '98

c) The Greater New York Orchid Show '99990511

In Manhattan, they have two orchids societies. One is Manhattan Orchid Society (MOS) and another is the Greater New York Orchid Society ( GNYOS ). The latter is one of the largest societies in USA whose member live not only in Manhattan but also in the surrounding states like NJ. The society held the Greater New York Orchid Show, one of the biggest events of the year. In 1985, the show was held in the memorial greenhouse in the Bronx Botanical Garden.

The lady who is in the right side and wearing a white jacket is my wife. She is holding a baby in pink who is my daughter Maki, the name of my selected Paph clones. She is in the third year in Junior high school now. Time flies like an arrow, we say.

There is no difference in the crowds around the sales booth. But the price was so inexpensive.......

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