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The Greater New York Orchid Show
in 1999

The Greater New York Orchid Show that is my memorial one I have mentioned before, was held in 1999 also. Some orchids friends in US around New York send the photo for this site. In near future, this site will be get much more photo in detail. Now, I'll introduce some aspects of the show. These photo were provided by Jason who is one of orchid friends in New York.

This display is prepared by Mr. Mr. Carlos Faghetti who is the president of GNYOS.

I'll introduce other photo as follows. These were sent from another friend, Mr. Yassir Islam who lives in Washington D.C. kindly .

Near the entrance of the show which was held in the Winter Garden in the World Trade Center Building. In Manhattern, it is very cold like in Sapporo in Japan. But in the building that is very famous in the world, it is so warm and filled with sweet fragrance. Every day, the show was crowded by peoples in Manhattern.

Paph. Princess May
(callosum x sanderianum)
Paph. ( Freckless x godefroyae )
Lyc. Cassiopiea 'Wyld Peach' AM/RHS

The 6 photos as follows are supplied by Mr. Wallace Wells. Thank you.

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