Paphiopedilum Forum in Hinuma 2002
From the show table

This forum is not so long history but is well known as the meeting by the specialists in Paphiopedilums. There s no award in this show. But the specialists attend an bring good flowers of award quality and rare species and hybrids.

(1) Species

Paph. armeniacum

Paph. bellatulum

Paph. bellatulum album ' Riho ' BM/JOGA

Paph. concolor album ' N101'

Paph. philippinense

Paph. philippinense album

Paph. lowii ' Unique '

Paph. callosum va. thailandense

Paph. nigritum album ' Green Liar '

Paph. sukhakulii ' Kashio ' BM/12WOC

Paph. tonsum

Paph. esquirolei

Paph. laevigatum

Paph. victoria-mariae

Paph. victoria-mariae

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