The 7th Paphiopedilum Forum
in Hinuma 2002

@In these days, this forum is continued to be held by Mochizuki Orchids Nursery every years. In this year also, the forum was held in the village of Hinuma, in Ibaraki-Ken in the 21st, April . A lot of Paph. fans attended to this forum from Osaka where is the west area and from Yamagata where is the north are in Japan.

@The invited speaker were (1)u The Paphiopedilums desicovered and/or described after Washington Treaty, CITES I by Dr. Toshinori Tanaka, (2)uThe developements in Paphiopedilum breeding by the nuersery, Hanaranya by Dr. Hiroshige Fujita and (3) The better techinique for careing deseased Paph by Mr. Masakatsu Tomiyama.

Dr. Hiroshige Fujita
Mr. Masakatsu Tomiyama

The awarded flowers on show table.
The presenter is Dr. Tanaka

The Prize of Dr. Tanaka
Paph. Kevin Porter : The grower is Porter Mr. Takano.

Paph. Kevin Porter

The Prize of Hanaranya
Paph. Massachusetts Snow : The grower is Mr. Ohkubo.

Paph. Massachusetts Snow ' NO.5 '

The Prize of Dr. William Cavestro
Paph. wardii album : The grower is Mr. Takahashi.

Mr. Takahashi got the prize of Dr. Willium Cavestro. He was presented Paph. book that was published by Dr. Cavestro recently.
The Prize of the village ,Hinuma.
Phrag. Predater : The growers is Porter Mr. Kitada.

Phrag. Predator

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