Orchid Show in Germany

4) Niederhausener Orchideentage 021028

A letter form a orchid friends in Germany

Hello Mr. Tanaka,

@Last week, I visited the "Niedernhausener Orchideentage".
Our D.O.G. group Mittelhessen were present at the orchid show of the D.O.G. group, Hessen-Nassau in Niedernhausen near Frankfurt. It was a great show and many orchid gardener were here, for example Mr. Rollke, Mr. Tonn, Mr. Cramer and so on. On sunday afternoon I visited the show and took some photos of paphiopedilum orchids. Today I'll send some photos to you because on your web-site I had seen photos of an earlier orchid exhibition in Niedernhausen.
Many regards
your orchid friend
Peter Schmitt, Germany

Thank you Peter ........ Toshi


Paph. rothschildianum and paph, Lady Isabel

Mr. Peter Schmmit who send various information in Germany often. Thank you, Peter.

Phrag. besseae

Paph. Magic Lantern

Paph. henryanum

Paph. Transvaal, Iantha Stage and ?

Paph. ( niveum x philippinense )

Phrag. Don Winber

Paph, dyanthum and henryanum

Paph. Rothsmaud

Paph. spicrtianum

Paph. concolor

Paph. ( primulnum x armaniacum),
( nivium x philippinense),
( primulinum x bellatulum ) etc.

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