Orchid Show in Germany

Neu Ulmer Orchideentage , 2002

@The international orchid show ' The Neu Ulmer Orchideentage ' sponsored by German Orchid Society ( D.O.G.) was open from the 16th, Feb 200s in Neu Ulm. The informtion including many photos were supplied by Mr. Peter Schmitt. Thank you Peter

Paph. delenatii

Paph. malipoense

Paph. Jackii

Paph. malipoense , Silver Medal

Paph. armeniacum
Paph. rothschildianum (Left) and Lady Isabel ( Right )

Paph. (Susan Booth x rothsch)
Paph. Michael Koopowitz by Franz Glanz

Cyp. Gisela

Phrag. Don Wimber

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