Culture of Paphiopedilum

Preparation on the surroundings for growing Paphs.

1) Sunlight

2) Temperature & Moisture

3) A current of air

Technique for growing Paphs.

1) Watering

2) Transplanting

3) Fertilizer

4) Decease and Pest control


It's too hot !

So cold !

Temperature: It is dependent on the species


Min. @15@Ž@
It is better in 18~20 Ž@for Min. temp.


It want to be Min. @20@Ž@
(It may be impossible for us)
It want to be Max. below 30@Ž
We have to device the temperature to be lower by ventilation and watering on the grand.

@The minimum temperature for growing Paphs will be 3 types as follows dependent on the species. The lower temp than the recommendation would not kill the plants but they would not grow well or not come flower.

The lower temp. ` Min. temp. should be ‚W`‚P‚OŽ.
The middle temp. ` Min. temp. should be‚P‚S`‚P‚TŽ.
The higher temp. ` Min. temp. should be‚P‚WŽ.


@Usually, they like high humidity about 50 ~ 70 % in a year. If you make this condition in your room, you can not live there except fungi. But Paphiopedilums like humidity and they will be alive with fresh green leaves without roots in high humidity for longer than a half year.

Sun light

@The direct sun light should be too strong for them. They like soft and fresh sun light like the sun light that will be seen through the trees. In summer, you have to make shade about ‚T‚O`‚V‚O“ of shade and in winter about ‚S‚O`‚T‚O“. Now, it is very easy to get the good shade materials made by black plastic film.

The strength of shade

It is dependent on the species basically.


50~70 % shade


30~50 % shade

The ventilation


An electric fan


Opening window and door

Culturing outside in summer

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