Cultivation of Paphiopedilum

1, At the beginning

 It is the eternal theme and the big problems for enthusiasts to grow Paphs well. Paph grows very slowly. However, if we can provide good condition for them, they will still be able to grow, even though they don't have any roots. A good condition means that we give them comfortable temperature, humidity and shade. Therefore, it is very difficult to identify whether they really grow well or not. One of the best way to know is to check whether their roots growth. But, as I mentioned before, they are not always unhealthy when their roots' stop growing, because Paphs grow very slowly. It depends on the species in the background and the growing condition. In some case, they stop growing for a whole year. Strictly speaking, we have to recognize the new roots grow well and satisfactory. But It is very difficult to see this because we can not see the roots in their pot.

 This is not uncommon that some beginners want to have rare species and the awarded selected clones when they just get into Paphs. We have to remember that Paphs are plants. Therefore, we can not keep them like stumps and antiques. It is very important to grow them well from the beginning. As mentioned earlier, it is not easy to grow paphs well. We have to take care not to kill them with our carelessness especially from disease. It is very regrettable to lose the valuable Paphs with our carelessness. Therefore, I really hope that beginners can grow Paphs well from the beginning.

 Sometimes we may have a chance to meet experience Paph growers who have a good technique to grow Paphs. In many cases, however, it will not be so
helpful. Because the growing condition at oneユs place can be totally different from the those of the experience growers.

 Most of the times the veterans can correspond to the differences but the beginners usually can not, I guess. They can not identify which growing conditions that they need to change or need not. For instance, if you change the compost, it is so obvious that you need to change your growing technique.
 I believe that we can grow Paph well in any kind of compost as long as we have correct growing technique. It means that we can use any kinds of compost, but our growing technique is restricted by our surroundings such as our greenhouse and our personal problems. What I mean with personal problems is that our inability to provide necessary conditions to grow healthy paphs, for example we do not have time to water them when they need to be watered, or to repot when they need to be repotted, etc.

 You may refer to some special subjects of studies or ask some veterans. But do not forget that it is not the veteran's detail techniques or magic chemicals to succeed your growing. It is your experience and your own feeling that lead you to success. You have to believe in yourself, keep cool without irritate and grow as you talk with Paphs. Moreover, don't be afraid of failing. Failures may teach success.

 When Paphs don't grow well, do not change and feed too much fertilizers, as well as giving some unidentified nutrients. It will make the problems worse and more complicated. In many cases, you need only water to grow Paphs. However, the water that you use may not have enough nutrient to grow paphs up to the optimum Because paphs need the 3 macro elements ( N, P, K) and the other micro nutrients. Giving fertilizer can not help for unwholesome Paphs. To say nothing of using some magical nutrient.

 In addition to a correct nutritional requirements, we also needs to examine other factors that promote healthy growing conditions, such as our greenhouse, and species of paphs, as well as your personal habit. You have to establish your own growing technique by adapting and changing all the necessaries factors to grow paph well as soon as possible. Also, you need more devices in order to improve your technique such as light meter, pH meter, hygrometer,etc. At anytime, you should re-examine how you are doing now ?

 This Basic Principle on how to grow Paphs was written for the beginners and for the generals, you may use in either case. Hopefully, this write up can help everybody who is interested in growing Paphs.

How to grow Paphs・For the generals
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