How to make flower

 When Paphiopedilum would be grown and matured , they will make flowers for their season. When they are matured, it is very easy to identify because the shape of final leave different from the normal ones. The stem and bud will come out from the between of final leave. The temperature for budding is not determined because it is dependent on each species. But you had better keep the same position of the moving stem, the temp. of your growing the plants. I mean that you don't change the temp and moisture because they have a bud. Never dry up the compost but you don't need water specially. Keep them as the same condition as before. When the stem is growing up or the flower is opening, they would be change the color to be yellow and be died if you move the position or change your procedure for caring suddenly. When your plants flower in summer or in autumn regularly, you may keep them outside until their flowering because it is the suitable climate for them. But Paphs who flower in winter or in the earlier spring regularly, you have to keep them inside in good condition. Be careful for the gig difference of temperature between day time and night. Especially the bud doesn't like the difference. When it flowers, you will be able to enjoy the flower for a month at least. If the flower died so fast, it is too much drying in winter or too much getting stuffy or roots' rot in summer, I guess.

 The season for flowering is dependent on the species. We say the spring flower for the plants whose flower open from March to May , the summer flower open from June to August , the fall flower open from September to November and the winter flower open from December to February. Some species flower in spring and fall, twice or some flower in any season when they matured. But the plants who flower twice don't mean two times a year from one plant. Usually, one shoot need one year for growing and maturing at least and flower once a year.


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