2)Bark or Crypto-moss

 Some species grow well in bark and/or crypto-moss for the materials in pot. It is very easy now to buy either of these in gardening shops。But the marerials is containing a lot of dusts and /or small broken pieces. So we have to purify them through a sieve before use.

Crypto-moss purified through a sieve. The left is available for transplanting. The right is dusts through a sieve. The product in sell is said not to contain dusts. But it has a lot of dust like this, in truth.

Bark with dusts through a sieve. Th bark was imported from Canada. Before sieving, bark must be dried enough. The bark is mixed with th similar size of stone and is used as mixed materials for trnsplanting ( See mixed materials) also.

Crypto-moss is dried very easily. So it is mixed with shagnum moss about 10~20 % sometimes.When miexed, it keep wet longer but it will be aged faster. You may choose either.

How to transplant

(a)You take out the plant from pot not to injure the roots and take off the aged potting materials well. Take off the rotted root and dried leaves at the same time. You may devide the plants if you need.

It has aged over one year after transplanting in crypto-moss. It decyed easily by fingers to be mud. The case like this is too late for transplanting typicaly in truth.

After taking the aged crypto - moss off. When washed, Black roots which are going to rot will be in sight. It is lucky that the plant has growing roots. I guess, I watered too much.

Put the plant in pot not to injure roots.
You had better transplant faster than we expect for the plant. In good situation, we can see many root growing vigorously (Photo). We expect to get nice results like this.
(b)You soak the plant in the mixture of medicine, a germicide and an insecticide. The medicine should be diluted to a few times more than regular using. A germicide will be Benlate and/or Manneb. When you devide the plant, I recomend to put the pasted medicine of a germicide with a small amount of water.
(C)When we use crypto-moss for transplanting, we had better it not to wind but to put around roots. You don't care near the end of root without moss. On the other hand, you had better keep moss 20~30% more that the expected amount. Because it will be just amount of moss when it is in pot. Put the plant in pot not to injure roots.Totaly, you may stuff the materials softer or harder. For biginners, I recomend it harder. But don't forget tha material should be stuffed softly in the lower part of pot. When you use vinyl pot, it is very good to identify the roots' extension and the situation of potting aterials by your finger touch. You soak the transplanted pot in water of bucket and water from the surface of material too. Especialy after transplanting, Crypto-moss in pot is very easy to dry. So you have to pay attention for the material's dring.

You keep roos like wrapping in the hand and put crypto-moss aroung the roots. Don't wind it harder.

The pointed end of root need not to be covered by the materials. You use the material to be slightly below for the lower part of pot. When you put the plant in pot, it will be just. Put and stuff the plant into pot.

Note(1)  In case of bark as material, you keep the plant on the center of pot taking sometimes and pour bark into the pot through roots. In the lower part of pot, the bigger size of bark shoud be used ,and in the upper part of poy, the smaller size of bark should be used. Knock the side or bottom of the pot softly and stuff bark well. After watering from the surface of bark, the materials in pot will be well-set and fix the plant tightly.

Note(2)  When we use these materials for the transplanting, it will be better than we expected for some species but not for some. The faults of these materials is drying and decaying easily. When the materials are going to be aged, the root will be rotted so fast. Be careful for the aging on the material. And sometimes, we will get poor-quality of material. The coarse material will come fungi and bacteria and desease by the results. You mind to select good quality of material.

The species expected better growing for these material; Complex hybrids and other hybrids. Any kind of natural species except Brachypetalum and Pervisepalum.  

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