NO. 78  Paphiopedilum myanmaricum
by HAROLD KOOPOWITZ et al 180107

 Paphiopedilum myanmaricum H. Koopowitz, P. Iamwiriyakul, and S. Laohapatcharin sp. nov. differs from P. concolor var. longipetalum (Rolfe) Pfitzer and P. leucochilum (Rolfe) Fowlie by the shape of the labellum, pattern of markings on petals and sepals, obovate to elliptical petals, shape and pattern of markings of the staminode, and pendent inflorescence.
This new species was described in Phytptaxa 324(1):097-100、2017 by Dr. Harold Koopowitz et al.
Herbaceous geophyte, Stem, compressed and clustered growths. Leaves, usually 4–6, short, smooth, linear or oblong with rounded and minutely retuse at apex, with variable tessellations on the upper side similar to other members of this section with dense purple coloration on the underside of the leaf, and distinctly keeled on the midline of under surface with minutely acute under apex, with basal margin ciliated. Longest leaves 125 mm in length and 28.5 mm in width. Terminal leaf reduced to a bract with lightly speckled purple. Inflorescence, pendent, one flowered, peduncle 23–37 mm long, 4 mm wide, whitish to purple pilosulose. Bract, 16–22mm long, 8-10mm wide, subtending. Ovary, 30 mm long, 5–5.5mm wide, pilosulose. Flower, 68–80mm wide, 63–92mm across vertical diameter. Dorsal sepal, broadly transverse elliptical to broadly elliptical 37–42 mm wide and 33–42 mm long, yellow with 10–12 narrow maroon stripes starting at the base and extending towards apex. Very sparse small maroon speckles dispersed on background. Synsepal, ovate to broadly tranverse cordoovate, pale yellow with longitudinally arranged small maroon spots arranged in stripes, 34–35 mm wide and 30–42mm long. Lateral petals, obovate to elliptical, 28–29 mm wide and 51–67.5 mm long, pale-yellow densely overlaid with small long to irregularly shaped maroon speckles organized into 6–8 longitudinal rows with additional markings between the rows. Petal tips broadly rounded, retuse and sometimes reflexed. Labellum, 27–29 mm wide, 35–38 mm long, ovoid with incurved margins and auricle-like side lobes, narrow, apex rounded, pale yellow, covered inside and out with uniformly distributed small round maroon spots. Staminode, 8.5–9.5 mm wide, 9.5–10mm long, rhombic with acute apex and shallow central sulcus, yellow-white heavily specked in maroon, sulcus whitish. Stalk of staminode, 3.5–4mm wide, 4–5.5mm long. Pollinator exit, 3.5–3.7 mm wide, 4.5–5.0 mm long.

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