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NO. 66  Paphiopedilum josianae
Guido J. Braem & Kampanart Nimpoonsri 150107.

Reference: NO.47 Paph. concolor var. longipetalum


Paphiopedilum josianae

Guido J. Braem1 & Kampanart Nimpoonsri2

Keywords/Mots-cles: Orchidaceae, Cypripedioideae, Paphiopedilum,

Paphiopedilum josianae, Taxonomy/taxinomie, Systematics/systematique.


The plant hitherto known as Paphiopedilum (formerly Cypripedium) concolor var. longipetalum is elevated to the species level and described as Paphiopedilum josianae Braem & Nimpoonsri in honour of Mrs. Josiane Guiard.


Paphiopedilum concolor var. longipetalum was described as a new species, Paphiopedilum josianae by Guido J. Braem and K. Nimpoonsri in Richardiana XIV:185 2014. Paphiopedilum concolor var. longipetalum is elevated to the species level now.
Although it is evident that the plant is closely related Paphiopedilum concolor (Bateman) Pfitzer, the differences between P. concolor and its 'Variety longipetalum ‘ are at least as distinct as those between the generally recognised species pairs P. anitum/P. adductum, P. lynniae/P. lowii, P. parishii /P. dianthum, P. philippinense / P. roebbelenii/ P. godefroyae/P. leucochilum and others.
The main difference is the size and form of the petals: whereas the petals of Paphiopedilum concolor are elliptic to oblong-oval, those P.josianae are elliptic to narrowly elliptic and about twice as long as in P. concolor. Furthermore, Paphiopedilum josianae forms distinct autonomous populations, and obviously is a distinct, genetically stable entity. For that reason, P. concolor var. longipetalum was decided to elevate to the species level, Paphiopedilum josianae.

Many forms of Paphiopedilum josianae

Paphiopedilum josianae

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