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NO. 53@ Paphiopedilum  x huangrongshuanum 141225
................Aree Petchieung (Huang Rong Shu) & Olaf Gruss

A new natural hybrid, Paphiopedilum x huangrongshuanum was discovered fromChina and described in De Orchidee, 60(1/2):54,2009. This natural hybrid is assumed one between Paph. dianthum and Paph. gratrixianum. Paphiopedilum x petchleungianum descrbed in 2002 whose flower resemble Paphiopedilum x huangrongshuanum was the natiural hybrids between Paph. dianthum and Paph. villosum.

  Paphiopedilum x huangrongshuanum

Paph. x huangrongshuanum

Staminode of Paphiopedilum x huangrongshuanum

Paph. dianthum andPaph. x huangrongshuanum
Paphiopedilum x petchleungianum

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