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NO. 52@ Paphiopedilum thaianum
.........................PRAPANTH LAMWIRIYAKUL 141225

The very ineresting species like Paphiopedilum niveum was discovered in Thailand and described in Orchid Review September/October 2006.

This flower is looks like a dwarf form of Paphiopedilum niveum. Furthermore leaves are smaller than that of Paphiopedilum niveum. There are remarkable spots of 1.5~1.8mm in diameter on the inner side of the pouch. We can see the spots through pouch from outside. The staminode is green.
Paphiopedilum thaianum is distributed in south Thailand, Phang Nga, Phuket mountain range.


Cross-sction of staminode of a: Paph. niveum, b/c: Paph. thaianum

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