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Although this plant was described before and was missed, it is introdeced now.

NO. 44@ Paph. platyphyllum 030619

@ Paph. platyphyllum was describe by Dr. Tomohisa Yukawa in Die Orchidee 52(1), 2001 as a new species from Borneo. In this describe, Paph. stonei var. latifolium is introduced as the Synonym of Paph. platyphyllum. So, Paph. stonei var. latifolium including ' Ruth Kennedy ' AM/AOS and it's offsprings by self crosses must be Paph. platyphyllum. Although this describe was the old one a little bit in 2001, I'll introduce now as follows.@And now, you can use the species name, Paph. platyphyllum for Orchid registration of RHS. Hurry up, the concerned ....... !

Paph. platyphyllum

Paph. platyphyllum@

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