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NO. 43@ Paph. vejvarutianum 030527

@Mr. Olaf Gruss and Lutz Rollke discribed a new paphiopedilum species, Paph. vejvarutianum in Die Orchidee ‚Ě54(1),56,2003. This new species is belong to the subgenus Paphiopedilum. section paphiopedilum and is related to Paph. gratrixianum. It is named in honour of its discoverer Mr. VEJVARUT.

This species was discovered in Thailand, Khhao Laem Dam's area, Thong Pha Phum, Kanchanaburi, 500~750m. The plants of this species came around 25 years ago in trade as Paph. charlesworthii var. kanchanaburi.

Paph. vejvarutianum

Some different clones of Paph. vejvarutianum@

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