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NO. 41@ Paph. multifolium 021213

@2 of new Paph. species were described in Acta Botanica Yunnanica from China. The first one is Paph. multifolium which is described by Z. Liu and J. Zhang in Acta Botanica Yunnanica (2002), 24(2), 191-192. It looks Paph. wardii exactly but they recognized it is different from Paph. Paph. wardii. Paph. wardii have 3 ~5 leaves and multifolium have 7~11 leaves with pale green color. The bract of Paph. multifolium is bigger than that of Paph. wardii. The length is similar to ovary. The stripes on petal is pale black. The width of pouch of Paph. multifolium ( about 1cm ) is smaller than that of Paph. wardii(2~2.5cm). So, it is very easy to identify, they said. What do you think about it ?
This information was supplied by Mr. Olaf Gruss , a Paph friend of mine in Germany. Thank you , Olaf.

NO. 42@ Paph. angustifolium 021213

@Paph. angustifolium discovered from the north of Viet Nam is described by R. Guo and Z. Liu in Acta Botanica Yunnanica (2002), 24(5), 554-556. It is very similar to Paph. walterianum and I guess it must be Synonym of it. But they pint out the difference of their staminode. The new species, Paph. angustifolium and another new species, Paph. tridentatum that was described before but I did not introduce yet have staminodes mucronate at aoex instead of staminodes emarginate, bilobed or incised at apex f Paph. appletonianumand bullenianum. On the other hands, the staminode of Paph. tridentatum is transversely elliptic-oblong, purple-black, tinged with greenish at the center and a long the margins. The staminode of Paph. angustifolium is ovate-cordate, greenish with a white longitudinal band at the center and a green-brown band on its either side. Can you understand the differences ?

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