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NO. 28@Paph. dixlerianum 011011

@A new species, Paph. dixlerianum was described in the french jurnal, Richardiana, 1 (4), 135-138, October 2001 by Dr. Guido J. Braem & Guy Chiron.
This information was presented by Mr. Olaf Gruss , a orchid friend in germany. Thank you, Olaf.

Paph. dixlerianum, a new taxon from Myanmar ( Burma ) - A new taxon originating from Myanmar ( Burma ) is described. The taxon is closely to Paph. sukhakulii Schose & Senghas and belongs in subgenus Sigmatopetalum Hallier 1897, section Planipetalum Karasawa & Saito 1982.

Paph. dixlerianum
The description was written in French. Unfortunately, I can not read it in detail. The differences between sukhakulii and dixlierianum shall be at first in the staminode as follows. Also there shall be difference in the colour of the dorsal sepal. This comments was gifted by Mr. Olaf Gruss too.

Paph. sukhakulii

Paph. dixlerianum

Anybody who has the photograph of this new species, please send it for this site.

The photo of Paph. dexlerianum is introduced here that is sent from Dr. Braem kindly today. Thank you very much , Dr. Braem.

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