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The new species name for a Well-known Paphiopedilum

NO. 26ü@Paph. viniferum

ü@A new species, Paph. viniferum for a well known plant was proposed by Dr. Harold KoopowitéÜ and Norito hasegawa in Orchid Digest, Oct-Nov-Dec., 2000.

There is a plant that played a pivotal role in the breeding of modern Maudiae-type paphiopedilums. It has known in the past as Paphiopedilum callosum ' JAC ' and it was instrumental in creating the popular ' flame ' coloration in the Maudiae-types. The clone itself has intense dark purple coloration of the type that is now called vinocoloration. This clone should not be confused with another plant, Paphiopedilum callosum ' Sparkling Burguandy ' FCC/AOS, that is the basis of the modern vinicolor slipper orchids. The latter plant is a true Paph. callosum wheres Paph. callosum ' JAC ' is something else.
At least four different plants acquired by collectors belomg to this species. We were concerned at the outset that these plants did not belong in the concept of Paph. callosum, but we allowed ourselves to be persuaded not to name the plants at that time. As time has progressed and we have gained a deeper understanding of the entire genus and paph. callosum in particular, we have became more and more convinced that they are in fact a separate and different species in their own right and that we had erred earlier in not naming it.

Paph. viniferum

Some clones of Paph. viniferum

Paph. viniferum ' Jac ' & the common type of Paph. callosum

Paph. viniferum ' Ebon '

Paph. viniferum ' Quintes '

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