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The newly discovered Paphiopedilum

NO. 24@Paph. coccineum

@A new Paphiopedilum was described by Dr. Holger Perner and Rolf Herrman in De Orchidee, 51(5):622,2000.

The summary is as follows,
@While on a recent trip to Viet nam, Rolf Hermann encountered a new paphiopedilum species in the collection of a Vietnamense orchid grower, who found the plant in limestone mountains in Cao Bang province. based on the measure ments and photos taken in Viet Nam, the new species is described here.

New species is similar to Paph. helenae and Paph. barbigerum but differs in the mroon petals with light green undulated margins, the vivid maroon lip, the carmine dosal sepal with broad white margin and nearly unreflexed basal margins as well as in the subcircular staminode with two teeth at the apex.@

Origin: North Viet Nam. Cao Bang province. The species grows in limestone areas on exposed and offten vertical rocks in fissures with a little humus at attitudes of 500 - 800 m. The growing sites are slightly shaded by dwarf trees, shrubs, herbs and sometimes small bamboo species. The substrate is usually well provided with moisuture.

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