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The Newly discovered Paphiopedilum NO. 15


Paph. ooii 

Paph. ooii, the newly discovered in Borneo Isl. is in the multifloral Paph. belonging to the section Coryopedium and recorded on Orchid Digest by Dr. Harold Koopwitz, PH.D. in April, 1999. At present time, a photograph of this species was unavailable. So he described by a sketch only. This species is named for Mr. Michael Ooi, a slipper orchid enthusiast from Malaysia, who flowered this plant in his collection in Feb. 1999.

 This species similar to Paph. glanduliferum but differs in the pendant petals with ruffled ventral margins and the white, flat, ovate stamonode. Also differ from Paph. supardii in the petal stance, greater number of veins in dorsal sepal and shape of the staminode. Mature leaves oblong-lancerolate ranging from 54~71 cm long , 6~7 cm wide. Inflorescences carry to 4 to 12 flowers with the longer inflorescences approximately 2 meters tall. The tallest inflorescence stems can reach 1.5 cm in diameter. The flower has NS 3.0 x 8.5, DS 2.9 x 3.0. Dorsal sepal rounded, 2,9 cm wide and 3.0 cm long. Background ivory-green with 15-17 dark purple brown longitudinal veins. 

An extract from the record on Orchid Digest, No.2, 1999

I hurry up to get the photo. When I get, I 'll introduce them immediately. So please wait for a while. ( by T. Tanaka )

Mr. Frank Cervera who lives in New York city has visited BorneoIsland in this April and saw many kinds o f Paphs' flower. Fortunately, he saw and took a photograph of paph. ooii that was discovered newly and sed this site kindly. Thank you Frank. The shot ids from the side of flower and we ca not identify perfectly unfortunately. But we can identify that this flower is very different from others of Paphs species.

The new photos are released now。The 19th, May, 1999.

Both pictures must be credited to Jerry Lee Fischer copyright 1999.
Comments: Paph. ooii is variable in color from yellow to greenish - white and the petals can be outspread or drooping. (by H. Koopowitz)

I have received new Photo of Paph. ooii from Mr. Michael Ooi who is the origin of this species's name in the 17th. Sep. 1999.
Thank you, Michael .

Almost of all the concerened of this species don't know well in truth, Paph. ooii has a long spike and many flowers. In this flower of Photo , the plant has 7 flowers on the spike,you can see. I have hard from someone that saw the plants in nature have bloomed of the spike of 2 meters and with 12 flowers.

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