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The newly discovered Paphiopedilum (NO.1)



The flower of Paph. hiepii. The shape of this flower is much better than usual.It like the flower of Paph. jackie. This flower has come from the green leaves plant in Ha Noi. In truth, we expected it will be album form. But we can see the tiny purple brown spotts on the base of petal slightly.

Recently, In the north region of Viet Num, Napa, the new species of Paphiopedilum was discovered, named Paph. hiepii.

The flower of Paph. hiepii is very similar to Paph. jackii. But in detail, they are different from jackii, I have hard. When I have the information in detail from Viet NAm , I'll report.

Some days ago, a friend of mine living in South East Asia sent me the information about some newly discovered species with photographs. One of these is Paph. hiepii mentined above as No.1, the others are followings, No.2 and No. 3. In No. 3 , Paph. gigantefolium discovered in Indonesia, I have some doubt about this information. But, I'll introduce the news to you.


Paph. helenae

North Viet Num, Province Napa, near the border to China, this species was discovered.

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