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Wonderful, Rare and Particular Paphiopedilums

In this page,The photos and comments of wonderful,rare and particular pahiopedilums that you contribute will be exhibited. I expected you send photos and some information of you and/or your around the world. Especially, I expect the new species, rare species, particular clones of species and nice selected clones of some hybrids. Our information is limited, even if we attend the international orchid show. Because the season of flower is restricted by species. So, please send photos of your flowers and in some meetings or orchids shows around you. I'm looking forward to receiving your contribution. Thank you.

A marvelous flower from the own breedings   021129
Mr. Uri Baruk ( France )
e mail :
 Recently, I have received a mail with photo from a Paph friend in France, Mr. Uri Baruk. When I saw the photo, I surprised...How nice it is ! This flower was selected from the seedlings by Mr. Bertaux in Luxembourg Gardens and was registered by him. Yes, this is his proud because the flower is so nice. Congratulations ! Uri. And thanks a lot, Mr. Bertaux.

Paph. Uri Baruk ( godefroaye x Norito Hasegawa )

Topics Paph. leucochilum FCC/JOS

Mr. Hiromi Iwasaki   020703

In the monthly meeting of JOS ( Japan Orchid Society ) , June, they have Paphiopedllum FCC/JOS. The exhibitor is Mr. Hiromi Iwasaki who is well known as a good grower and breeder of Paph. leucochilum in Japan.
Paph.leucochilum‘Cape Rock Orient’ 90.0 pts  FCC/JOS
NS 91 x 70, DS 59 x 39, P 50 x 52
Especially, the width of dorsal sepal is 59 mm and it is so round as you can see. And the darker color is very strong and gave self-assertion strongly also. If the left petal were flat, the points would be higher. In truth, this clone was breeded by himself originally. We are proud of him as Paph. fans. This report was supplied by Mr. Kazutoshi Besho who is a good friends of mine and Iwasali's.


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