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Wonderful, Rare and Particular Paphiopedilums

In this page,The photos and comments of wonderful,rare and particular pahiopedilums that you contribute will be exhibited. I expected you send photos and some information of you and/or your around the world. Especially, I expect the new species, rare species, particular clones of species and nice selected clones of some hybrids. Our information is limited, even if we attend the international orchid show. Because the season of flower is restricted by species. So, please send photos of your flowers and in some meetings or orchids shows around you. I'm looking forward to receiving your contribution. Thank you.

Mr. Jason Ong
AquaGem Orchids
1618 8th Ave, #1, Brooklyn, NY 11215

 Hi Dr. Tanaka, 
I just received an AM 81 point of my Paph sukhakulii var. album 'AquaGem's Green Ghost' AM/AOS yesterday at judging. Attached is a picture of the flower.

Paph. Screaming Eagle 'Nobuyuki Yoshida'
AM/AOS 81 points

This is also the awarded flower of mine.

Mr. Tony Whitaker ( Kingswood Orchids ) 010823

I know how much you appreciate brachys and parvis. I am sending you a picture of a true alba form of a Wossner Bellarmi that is not only beautiful but BIG! This flowered on a single growth seedling. I quickly cut the flower after it bloomed so to save the energy in the plant. It is now about a 7 growth plant with two blooming sized growths. If it blooms this year, I hope it is even bigger and flatter! I have not heard if anyone else has bloomed one of these rare beauties!
I am a hobbyist grower. I have been growing paphs and phrags for about three years now. I have always grown flowers and landscaping around my home, but paphs and phrags are my passion! I have a greenhouse that is 28' x 14'. My wife and I are looking for several acres to build our new house on and a greenhouse for my passion. I have designed a greenhouse that will be all polycarbonate and will be 100' x 50'.

Mr. Hiroshi Tanaka ( Ashikaga-Shi )  000613

Paph. Paph. Mem Larry Heuer
' Strawberry Yui'  SM/JOGA

The first flower was bloomed in 1999. When I saw the first flower, I was pleasured it was very nice. But in this year, 2000, the flower is bigger about NS 14 cm and thos flower was awarded SM/JOGA.

Paph. Pixie Dust

Paph. rothschildianum

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