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Wonderful, Rare and Particular Paphiopedilums

In this page,The photos and comments of wonderful,rare and particular pahiopedilums that you contribute will be exhibited. I expected you send photos and some information of you and/or your around the world. Especially, I expect the new species, rare species, particular clones of species and nice selected clones of some hybrids. Our information is limited, even if we attend the international orchid show. Because the season of flower is restricted by species. So, please send photos of your flowers and in some meetings or orchids shows around you. I'm looking forward to receiving your contribution. Thank you.

Mr. Hidehiko Yasutomi ( Tokushima )


Paph. Vanda M. Pearman 'Sonose'
 HCC/JOS 76pts '00/05/14 JOS ,May, NSW: 113mm, PW: 50mm, DSW: 47mm

  In the monthly meeting, May, 2000, A flower of your hybrid, Paph. Vanda M. Pearman ( T-515, Paph. bellatulum 'Maki's Mint' x delenatii 'Maki's Trearsure') was awarded, HCC/JOS 76pts. For me, this is the first experience of awarded Paph that I grew from the young seedlings in flask. Thank you very much, Dr. Tanaka. I want this flower to get higher points in the judging next year . I have other plants that are blooming now. I 'm looking

Mr. Hadley Cash ( Marriott Orchids ) U.S.A.

Address: 7709 Kenmont Road, Greensboro NC 27409
Phone: (336) 287-5780
Web site :

Marriott Orchids is a fine breeder of complex Paphiopedilums, with an emphasis on whites and pinks...also, select species and primaries. Below, one of the finest first bloom seedlings from our select breeding line.

 I'll introduce a concolor that got an 84pt AM/AOS on the same day as the niveum as bellows. It was 7.8cm natural spread and very flat. I want to find a very full and round concolor with deep yellow color to cross it with.

Paph. concolor ' Massive ' AM/AOS 84 pts

Dear Toshi,
 Knowing how much you love the species, I thought I would mail you a photo of the niveum I just got awarded last week. The niveum is from a third generation of my own breeding also. It started 18 years ago with two very round bloomed jungle niveums bred together by Bob Jones at Mt. Madonna Orchids. I got 13 seedlings and bred the best and fullest to a jungle plant with great natural spread and very flat. I then took the best and biggest of that cross, niveum "Marriott" and crossed it to a very round and full jungle niveum that I got from Dick Topper some years ago. Start to finish the process took a long time but this newly awarded niveum 'Marriott Quintessence' AM/AOS was worth the effort.You may post it on your site and the dimensions are listed below.

Paph niveum 'Marriott Quintessence' AM/AOS

Natural Spread: 9.3 x 6.8 cm , Dorsal Sepal 5.3 x 3.8 cm, Petal 3.8 x 4.9 cm, Lateral Sepal 2.9 x 3.0 cm, Pouch 2.4 x 3.9 cm.

From Toshi,
How nice this flower is ! The size is very huge and the shape is good. And I 'm surprised that this clone has come from the seedling s from Mr. Bob Jones. I know him well and I have visited him over 15 years before. He grew Rose besides orchids green house. I know he was one of the best breeders. I'm very happy to hear about him. This clone looks like his descendant. In order to keep the blood and to make the similar and/or better species, please make self cross using this clone. In these days, we see the nice clones of Paph. niveum. But it is very difficult to identify they are true niveum , ang thong or the hybrids complicate concerning these species. But I know Bob has a good collection of Paph. niveum, typical one that have long inflorescence and round flower on it. You are so happy !!!!

The cross is ( Inca x Porcelain Treasure ). The natural spread is 13cm, the petals were 5.1 wide and 6.8cm long, and the dorsal was 8.3cm wide. I consider it one of the finest white complex types that I have ever seen... even at the Orchid Zone.

Mr. Y  ( JAPAN )

Paph.( callosum v. vietnamense album x self )

This is the first flower from the seedling of Paph.( callosum v. vietnamense album x self ). This flower came from the very small plant, I surprised. I love this because it is very neat and clean and cute. And it is some different from the usual callosum sanderae.

Mr. Charles Flynn  ( Montana,U.S.A.)


Paph.( Makulii x bellatulum )

This flower is my cross Paph. ( Makuli x bellatulum ). This is one of the first seedling to bloom. It is noticibly different than Paph. ( sukhakulii x bellatulum ).

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