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Wonderful, Rare and Particular Paphiopedilums

Ying-I, Shyu ( Taiwan )

Paph. delenatii v. album was bloomed on 8th., Feb., 2000.
This is a strong wild species of "Paph. delenatii var. album" and the first flower in Taiwan, I guess.

Ronald Setiawan (USA,Cal)

  As I found the splendid Paph. in the orchid show , CA., I'll introduce it to you, Toshi.

Paph. Dollgoldi ' Monte de Oro '  FCC/AOS & CSA, GM/CSA

The clonal name for that plant is ' Monte de Oro ', which means mountain of gold. It got FCC and CCM from AOS, as well as Gold from CSA at New Otani Show in October 1999.

The grower : Orchid of Los Osos.

From Toshi: What splendid flowers and nice growing of this plant is ! If the owner entree to JGP, he will be the champion and get Mercedes Bentz and 2 million yen as a prize. Thank you, Ron.

Paph. concolor ' Ayumu '  

Mr. Ayumu (Yokohama)

I believe that the shape and color is very nice of this flower. Futher more, the stem has 3 flowers. When we use some flower of Brachypetalum for breeding and even if we use some plant of Polyantha as the counter parent, we can not expect many flowers from the hybrids. But when we us the flower like this, we migh get more flowers on one spike. I hope and use this flower for breeding from the standpoint as mentioned above.

Paph. deenatii album form from the seedlings of tha same album formed flower, from Ha Noi.

I have received the photo of Paphiopedilum delenatii album on the 25 th, Sep, 1999.  In Viet Nam, several green leaves' delenatii plants were discovered, but almost of all plants' flower were not album because some parts of the flower is pale pink as above photo. In JAVECO, they selected the perfect album that they believed and made self cross. They could not get so many seedlings but one of them has flowered as follows in a year after deflasking although NS of the plant bellow 10 cm . It is the perfect album form . It means the mother plant is the album form exactly. There is album form of Paph. delenatii exactly. I'm exiting to see these photos !

Paph. delenatii v. album

Paph. fairreanum 'Diamond Bar' HCC/AOS 990924

I bought 10 of those plants from Orchid Zone in January 1998 after Paph Guild meeting, then I sold 7 of those to my orchid society friends. I kept 3 plants. I bloomed all of them. Fortunately, one is good, and got awarded. The thing that make me happy is that the plant was awarded.

Paph. conco-bellatulum
'Sonose' HCC/JOS 75 pts.

Mr. Takehiko Yasutomi
( Tokushima - Shi )

NS. 7.9 cm, DS 5.6 cm。I ahve only one year experience growing paphiopedilum. I have entried this plant to AOS judging at the first time. This is my commemorative flower. Although this flower is not enough in the shape and colr but it was awarded . I'm so happy.I bought this plants in the last March and grew in the worse condition by the biginner like me. But she brings devotion to me by award. I grow this plants in the a shallow pot introduced by you in this home page. But I could not find out the round bottom one.

Paph. Kevin Porter
(micranthum x bellatulum) 
      Masahiko Uchida

What a beautiful flower this is ! I have never seen like this of the darker color and the big. Mr. Tashiro who is one of our members, AJOS made this closs. In truth, this plant grew very well comparatively for the other seedlings. The both parents were awarded in AJOS judging. Paph. micranthum 's clone name is 'Pink Monster" AM/AJOS. This flower was not judged because the color brake on pouch.

Comment by Dr. Tanaka: It is the true fantastic flower. If flowered in good condition, this was awarded FCC, many members were talking about. I think so. As we saw the good results from the seedlings by Japanese amateur breeders、it will encouragefor the similar breedings by hobbyists in Japan.

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