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Wonderful, Rare and Particular Paphiopedilums(3)

Paph.( sanderianum x          malipoense )
   by Toshiaki Fujita

I'll introduce a flower of very interesting hybrids, malipoense x rothschildianum. In these days, we can see the flowers of ( rothschildianum x malipoense ) offen, but this flower is rare now. The plants was imported from USA.

Paph. ( godefroyae x      malipoense ) 'FN-Beat'
Fumiko Nakajima  

I have gotten this seedling in 4/5 cm NS from Dogashima Orchids Center. This is the first flower that has come this season. It's good, I think. I did't bring this to the Judge because some deformation on pouch.

Paph. S. Gratrix 'Applause' AM/AJOS,JOS,OOS
Exhibitor  K. Bessho

This is the best selection of mine in this year. This plant came from Orchid Zone , USA. As this is the first flower, it is not enough that I expect. After grow well in future, I want to get FCC.

Paph. un-named
(sanderianum x kolopakingii )

EXhibitor  Y. Nishimura
Muroran, Hokkaido

Today, we have a monthly meeting of Muroran Orchid Society. Our members brought rare species and hybrids. We engaged in a heated discussion in how to grow and how much we had a hard time for them. In the a popularity vote, my Paph. ( sanderianum x kolopakingii ) ranked the first place. In this meeting, I have brought a large plant of Paph. wardii, dyanum Phrag. besseae and Schroderae...  In detail, please visit my Homepage. Unfortunately, Japanense only. Thank you.    Y. Nishimura   

Mr. Atsushi Okuda  (Hokkaido、Sapporo City)

Paph. leucochilum album form has flowered that I have expected for long. The plant is not so matured (LS 11 cm) and N.S. of flower is not so big (NS. 6cm). But the width of petal is enough and good shape it is, I guess. In the next flower, I expected much better flower will be open.

Now, in my green house, we have a lot of flowers of Brachypetalum like ang thong album, niveum and other about 10 plants. Last year, I have send my question about the difference between ang thong and niveum, can you remember ? Inthis season, the ang thong album has flowered but I can not identified the difference between ang thong and niveum again. I want to see other flowers that I will able to see in near future and might idenify. In future, I want to find out the identification in Brachypetalum sientificaly by my self. If you have some good idea, please let me know and help. Thank you.

Mr. Shigeo Eguchi (Osaka)

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Paph. conco-bellatulum 'Shally '

This flower was awarded 1st prize in a popularity vote at the monthly meeting by Kansai Paph. Asociation in Sept. 1998. I guess, it is very difficult to identify the true size from this photo. This flower is very big one, NS 83 mm, PW 43 mm.I love it and I never get weary of looking at this flower. Do you know the color of milky pale yellow. It's good.

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