Species(No.3)  Polyantha

Paph. dianthum f. album ' Albino Beauty '

Owner:Mr. Sam Tsui ( Orchid Inn )
Address: 19785 Wesley Street, Downs, IL 61736-9315
e-amil: "Orchid Inn" <samtsui@orchidinnusa.com>
This plant is from aselfing of a very light color clone of a normal form of dianthum. It was first bloomed two years ago with two flowers. I had selfed one flower and only one flask is produced. This is the photo I bloomed two months ago and it had three flowers this time.

Paph. dianthum f. album ' Tamaki ' CBR/JPGA

Address: 1743, Ikuno-Chou,Zentuji-Shi, Kagawa-Ken
     TEL +81-877-63-3878  FAX +81-877-63-3832
e-amil: orchid@hanaranya.co.jp
The information of Paph. dianthum var. album will be released now. This flower has come from the seedlings of Paph. dianthum var. album x self, I hard. I have hard about this type of flower but I have never seen the flower truely. It is amazing exactly. The owner, Hanaranya is a commercial growers and has their own Web site. Please visit the site when you have a chance.

Paph. dianthum var. album ' Tamaki ' CBR/JPGA

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