2 types album form of Paph. villosum

Presenter:Mr. Tran Kim Khanh ( Saigon Orchids & Flora )
Address: Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
I have received news that 2 types album form of Paph. villosum were discovered in Viet Nam. We had album form which was not perfect before. The new discovered album flower will be true album because the fine hair around staminode are not brown but white, they said. This information was supplied from Saigon Orchids & Flora.

villosum f. album ( green type )

villosum f. album ( yellow type )

Paph. emersonii f. album ' Albino Beauty '

Owner:Mr. Sam Tsui ( Orchid Inn )
Address: 19785 Wesley Street, Downs, IL 61736-9315
e-amil: "Orchid Inn" <samtsui@orchidinnusa.com>
This plant was obtained from a batch of emersonii that I bought from Florida, USA long time ago. It finally bloomed for me seven years ago. I have done the selfing but no seed was produced. The true color of the flower was creamy white instead of yellow. The attached photo is the true color of the flower.

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