I have received the photo of Paphiopedilum delenatii album on the 25 th, Sep, 1999.  In Viet Nam, several green leaves' delenatii plants were discovered, but almost of all plants' flower were not album because some parts of the flower is pale pink as above photo. In JAVECO, they selected the perfect album that they believed and made self cross. They could not get so many seedlings but one of them has flowered as follows in a year after deflasking although NS of the plant bellow 10 cm . It is the perfect album form . It means the mother plant is the album form exactly. There is album form of Paph. delenatii exactly. I'm exiting to see these photos !

Paph. delenatii v. album

malipoense 'Keiko' BM/JGP '93

This clone was awarded in Japan Grand Prix , 1993 in Tokyo Doom. The size of flower was not so huge. But the shape is very nice. Almost of all of malipoense have petal of triangle shape. But this clone has round type. And, the dosal sepal spread flat and the edge of it did not turn over. This clone is one of the best selected malipoense in Japan.


This is nice clone of micranthum. The size of flower is huge and nice shape. The color is very dark. It will be a good one of parents for making hybrids.

emersonii 'Hanakage'

Paph. emersonii has the bigger size of flower that we expect. When it open, the flower is very nice. But according to the days passing, flower would be worse. The petal and dosal sepal will be turnd over. But the dosal sepal and petal of this clone 's flower is still flat passing days. Also, size of flower is very huge and good shape.

micranthum album

Sometimes, we see Paph. micranthum album form on label. But the true album form is very rare. This flower is also not perfect album form. On petal, we can see pale pink. But we long for the album form micranthum.


Wo...m. This is Paph. jackianum that was discovered recently. It is very similar to malipoense. It is smaller than malipoense. Someone said, this clone was very nice, selected one.

conco-bellatulum album

Paph. conco-bellatulum album form from China is very rare. This is the first time of me to see album form.

bellatulum 'Ayako' CBM/AJOS         Seiichi Ohta

They say, semi-album form of Paph. bellatulum. The value of this flower is dependent on paerson. I love this clone. A very rare clone of bellatulum.

charlesworthii album     'Pride of Tokyo' FCC/AJOS 

The album form of Paph. charlesworthii is very rare too. The contrast of green and white is very beautiful. Mouth-watering flower.

callosum v. vietnamense album   'Mr. Tran'

Paph. callosum in Viet Num is diiferent type from other varieties ofcallosum in other countries. So, I put the variety name , vietnamense. I saw this album form in some hobbyist cultivating in Viet Num. He said this is the only one clone that they found out in Viet Num. The color is darker and very beautiful. I saked him to make self closs of this clone. But I don't now what is going on now.

wardii album 'Milky Way'  CBM/AJOS  Kazuhiro Kuwata

The album form of Paph. wardii is very rare. The color and shape is better than we expect.

tonsum album 'Milky Way'    CBM/AJOS  Kazuhiro Kuwata  

I have never seen the album form of Paph. tonsum. Very very rare.

sukhakulii album  'OZ'      AM/AJOS  Isao Muramatsu

This album form of Paph sukhakulii was selected from the self closs of Paph. sukhakulii aureum ' Paleface ' Nice color and shape.

liemianum  'Wako'        AM/AJOS  Toshiaki Fujita

This is the selected clone from the self closs of Paph. liemianum awarded cone. Petal's width and color is very good.

fairrieanum ' Pinecrest '
HCC/AJOS  Isao Muramatsu

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