Paphiopedilum culture in unglazed pots soaking in water ( NO.3 )

8. The progresive report, NO.1 on 021120021120

Late in September
 The roots extended newly were stopped to grow and the color was turned to darker brown when they touched the surface of pot. And the new roots come out and begin to extend. Also these roots had the similar destiny. Although I know the phenomenon, I continued to observe without doing anything.

About the middle of November
I felt the compost was swelled and took out the roots to be observed.

These plants were introduced as apple red type in the Paphiopedilum saloon previously. The compost was swelled, we could see.

 These are Paph. Gloria Naugle that I bought as the similar size except the right one which was the biggest.
The left plant was started to grown in the usual procedure but was changed in the culture in unglazed pots soaking in water. The new root was coming out.
The plant in center was grown in the culture in unglazed pots soaking in water until July. the big differences were recognized between them.
The let plant was grown in the same procedure as the left one. But this plant was the biggest and the most healthy in many young plants when I bought. We can see many roots newly.

The plants that I transplanted.
The order of plants was reversed from the plants mentioned above.
I used the plastic pot which our associations made as ceramics containing pots.
I recognized the plants were continued to grow in summer in unglazed pots soaking in water. I'll continue to grow them in this condition and report in future.


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