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(9) Mr. Dennis Tsang@iChinaAHong Kongj

GPO Box 2306, Central,HONG KONG
e-mail : tsangii@hkstar.com

As the living condition of Hong Kong is very congested, I grow my orchids in@my office where the plants receive afternoon and close attention from me during office hours.@I must emphasise that I@am NOT an expert grower. I am only an amateur grower. I am a Town Planner by profession and have very little time after work so my plants are neglected sometimes....

I grow my Paphs IN THE OFFICE where the plants receive my attention - imagine that I spend over 30% of a day (more than 8 hours) in the office and it is where I can enjoy my Paphs. Over the weekend, I have other commitments so I take a break from work and from my Paphs. Another major benefit growing the Paphs in the office is I can take photos for the flowering plants at the most suitable time, perhaps when the flowers are in their peak quality, or at the best time of day when the sunlight is good enough. I used to take photos for my Paphs at my parents' country apartment (see the outdoor pictures of Paph amabile, Paph rothschildianum, etc.) as the background looks natural enough that one may think the pictures were taken in the natural habitats! However, the main disadvantage taking pictures in an outdoor environment is the strong wind may blow the flowers from side to side and it ends up taking many hours to take a small roll of films. In the office environment, I can take MACRO pictures without worrying about the wind. I do grow most of my Phragmipedium and other orchids, such as Cattleyas, Dendrobium and Bulbophyllum in an outdoor environment as these plants seemto grow very well in an outdoor environment. Our climate is too hot and sticky (too much rain) that the Paphs may find the environment too hostile to live long. On the other hand, the office provides a cool greenhouse environment with big windows to provide sufficient sunlight.

Paph. amabile

Paph. baccanum

Paph. bodegomii

Paph. dianthum

Paph. rothschildianum

Paph. celebesensis

Phragmipedium pearcei

Paph. herrmannii

Paph. wardii

Paph. henryanum

Paph. helenae

Paph. moquetianum
('LBW' x 'Eureka' AM/AOS)

Paph. bullenianum

Phrag. besseae
('fox valley' FCC/AOS x 'fox valley flame' AM/AOS)

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