NO.50 Mr. Shehzaad Aullybux (Mauritius) 
Mr. Shehzaad Aullybux (Mauritius) 
email: "Aulse" <>

I am a hobby grower of Mauritius. I grow orchids since the age of 8 and I am now 18 years old. Paphiopedilums are my favourite orchids and my first orchid was phragmipedium schlimii. I have a collection of about 1500 orchids now in which there is about 40 paph species and 8 paph hybrids.
I grow orchids both in my yard, garden and in my orchid-house. I grow all kind of orchids which are primarily imported. There are quite a few local African orchids which are becoming extinct in our forest.

Concerning the Paphiopedilum insigne I have, it was collected 1 year ago. I went to an old house where I found a very big colony of Paphiopedilum insigne in bloom, growing in the soil directly and well shaded with big trees.

This is a photo of the local Phrag. schlimii which grows in the yard of many old colonial houses.

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