NO.49 Mr. Oliver Duerbusch ( Germany ) 
Mr. Oliver Duerbusch (Germany) 
Orchideen Duerbusch

Orchideen Duerbush was started from a tree nursery in Wiedenbruek by Mr. Heinrich Duerbusch In 1897. After the World War II, Heinrich junior extended the flower business and began to culture orchids. Since 1974, they has concentrated on the cultivation of orchids, Paphiopedilum, Phalenopsis and Cymbidium.
Before, the cut flowers were produced mainly but the pot plant production is going to be increased.
The current total facility comprises 4000 m2 glass houses.

They have their own website:

Address: Ostring 13, 33378 Rheda-Wiedenbruck
TEL : +49-(0)5242-5201
FAX : +49-(0)5242-577050

The greenhouses of Orchideen Duerbusch

The greenhouse

A view on our motherplants

One month out of flask

5 months out of flask

Those plants are 1 year out of flasks. 50% of them will be ready for potting in 12cm pots

Just potted, 1.5 years out of flask

Their selected Paphs for making hybrids

Those plants are approximately a selection of 1 out of 1000. they are good growing, means the first flower came after 3-4 years out of flask. The diameter is about 16 - 18cm.
I made a few promising crosses with them, the young plants are already potted and will be flowering within 2 years.

Candero x Vision

Pacific Ocean 'Hilo' x Charhill

( Langley Pride x Surveyor )

We have a lot of selected Lippewunder variations. The diameter is between 15 and 20cm.

All in all we have got about 300 selected Motherplants, expandig each year. My main points are fast growing, circular shape and big size flowers. The fastest ones are flowering 3 years out of flask already. In the moment I grow a lot of very heavy spotted Paphs, but also Reds and those Lippewunder-ones.
In the moment are white and green once growing but it will take a few years until they will be available.


Mr. Oliver Duerbusch visited JPA Paph meeting

In 2005, he visited JGP2005 and Paph meeting of Japan Paphiopedilum Society (JPA) in 20th. Feb. 2005. He introduced the good Paphs growing well from his nursery. We were surprised the plants growing well. These Paphs were sold at an auction by higher prices. He will vist JGP 2006 and JPA's Paph meeting too.

His Paphs were so good and grow well. These Paphs were sold at an auction by higher prices.

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