NO.41 Mr. Ron Meijer ( Netherland ) 020819

Mr. Ron Meijer ( Netherland )

I am the secretary of a Dutch Orchid Propagation society. We try to sow all kinds of orchids, but we especially like Cypripedium (I think the Japanese name is Atsumorisou) We very much like to exchange seed from Cypripedium, so if you have seed from these orchids please contact us.
Warm regards,
Ron Meijer
Douch Orchid Propagation Society
In the Netherlands there are a lot of orchidlovers. But orchids are difficult to sow, so 25 years ago a group of orchid enthousiasts started the Orchid Propagation Workgroup.
This club has now around 120 members. Around half of them like tropical orchids, but the majority grows Cypripedium, Dactylorhiza, Orchis and Ophrys. I am the secretary of the society and if you, dear reader, would like to try and sow seed from our orchids, please send me an E-mail. Perhaps we could even exchange orchidseed. We would very much like to receive seed from Asian Cypripedium.

Cyp. calceolus

Cyp. japonicum

Cyp. segawal

Cyp. formosanum

NO.40 Mr. Craig Lim( Singapore ) 020507

Mr. Craig Lim ( Singapore )
address: Simei, Singapore
Tel: +65 96871263

I have mixed results in growing paphs in Singapore.I am looking for friends around the region who share the same hobby and we can share notes on growing paphs.I am also keen to form a paph club in Singapore. Please do not hesitate to contact me at




Paph. concolor

Paph. godefroyae

Paph. niveum with 2 flowers

Paph. Madm Martinet

Paph. praestans on the balcony

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