NO.37  Mr. Rene Klinge 020312
Klinge Orchideeen ( Holland)

Mr. Rene Klinge, Klinge Orchideeen
Address: Middenweg 54b, 1394 AL Nederhorst den Berg Tel: 0294 257661 , Fax:0294 257662 
Web Site:

Our nursery is specialised in paphiopedilum- and phragmipedium
species and special hybrids and 99% of the plants, we make by ourself from seed. On the picture you see a small part of our nursery. We hope that you just enjoy it, like we do.

NO.36 Miss Susana Diaz, (Argentin)

Miss Susana Diaz, Argentin
E mail:

My name is Susana Diaz, I'm living in Argentina. I like paphios very much. I grow Paphs, actually I have Paph. insigne, mariae and two hibrids of delanatti x roschilianum. Here in Argentina is easy to have Paphios. Actually I dont have any pictures of my Paphios. I'll like to contact peopole who grow paphios in order to anser my personal questions, care, medium, tempertures, light, deseases.
The photo will let yuo know my friend and I at my home in a
orchid meeting.
I'm the women who wear a black shirt, I'm in front of two men.

Hi ! Susana and Orchid friends in Argentin. Please cntact to anybody who love Paphs around the world. And please send the intersting information for this site. ( Toshinori Tanaka )

NO.35  Mr. Avery Chan, AQ Orchids 
( Hong Kong, China ) 010611

Mr. Avery Chan, AQ Orchids  (Hong Kong, China)
E mail: <>

I am a Paphs hobbyist in Hong Kong. I have been planting orchids for about 10 year but I find Paphs most attractive. I plant my orchids on my rooftop and I have a small air-conditioned room for my favorite brachypetalum.
There are thousands of orchids in my little nursery. I love unique species like the fragrant malipoense as well as perfect form bellatulum and godefroyae. I also like hybrids combining characteristics of different species like Norito Hasegawa,Fanaticum and S.Gratrix.
I have been collecting selected Paphs for several years. With the mission of reserving endangered species and to share my collection with other Paphs lovers, I am now using my collection to make my
favorite hybrids, sib and self crosses just like Dr. Tanaka. I look forward to sharing the same excitement as Dr. Tanaka seeing my "own" Paphs blooming.
I have a photo gallery in Yahoo site to share with all Paph lovers, please feel free to visit when you have time.

Paph. ang thong album ' Snow man '

Paph. bellatulum ' Super '

Paph. malipoense
' Full Moon Fragrant '

Paph. micranthum ' Red "2 '

Paph. charlesworthii ' Perfection '

Paph. esquirolei ' Giant '

Paph. venustum album

Paph. wardii album

Paph. spicerianum
' Green Giant '

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